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Green Valley Food Corporation CoolersGreen Valley Food Corporation has a 60,000 square foot facility that can accommodate any products with temperatures ranging from 32°F to 75°F. With the experience and knowledge we have obtained through the years of service, we can assure your products will be handled in the manner and standards set by your company and the industry.

Green Valley Food Corporation will receive the product and ensure the product is stored at the appropriate temperatures by updating our customers of all the temperature readings on the recording devices.

Our coolers are set at different temperatures to make certain that your product is stored properly until distribution. We also offer inspection services, which include a full inspection of grade and conditions graded to USDA standards. This also includes pictures and full details of the product. When you are ready to ship your product to its destination, let our logistics department help.

Need repackaging? Let out staff handle this for you; we have the facility and the dedicated staff to ensure this is accomplished properly an in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact us.

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Let our team of professionals give you all the information regarding your product when it arrives in Dallas. Our team has years of experience in grading all commodities of produce.

Green Valley Food Corporation InspectionsOur customers will receive a full grade and condition report that includes photographs. In a timely manner our customers will receive an e-mail of the product's temperatures, grade, and conditions based on numbers and measurements found on the product pallets. This gives our customers the upper hand, allowing them to know what their products looks like before it ships to its final destination.

Should you use our warehousing facility, you will also receive updates regarding the condition of your products. It will be as if you were actually at the storage facility yourself.